• Can you actually have the Relationship You Want
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About Alex

Alex is The Dating and Relationship Expert to elite and powerful men who desire to have a passionate, stimulating, and loving relationship with the woman they truly desire, not the woman that’ll “just do”.

Alex’s direct, unique, & result driven coaching approach is derived from her background as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, as well as her experience of dating many wonderful successful guys who were just horrible daters. Alex identifies & changes the negative patterns that have been keeping you from the love life you dream of and deserve. Alex speaks the same language, knows exactly what women think and what they want, & will use this to help you develop the practical skills needed to Approach, Attract, & Close The Deal with the woman of your desire.

She Can Help You Have the Same Super Success in the Bedroom as You do in the Boardroom.

  • Attract Who You Want No Matter the Time, Place, or Circumstance
  • Never Find Yourself in the Friend Zone
  • Build an Unbreakable Bond with a partner who truly supports, motivates, & excites you
  • Receive Quantum Increase in your Business as a direct result from your new found happiness
  • Experience consistent meaningful mind-blowing sex with the gorgeous woman of your dreams
  • Begin Living Your Desires


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What Men are Saying About Working With Alex

“Before meeting Alex, I had given up on having it all and buried myself in my work. I was settling for temporary women who could hold my attention long enough until I met the next one. But I wanted more. Alex helped me shift my beliefs, get out of my own way, and go after my true desires! I’m with my life partner and it’s amazing. So worth the work!”

– Mark D.

“I really appreciated working with Alex. It helped me see the light and fix the way I was approaching dating. I am now with a woman that has everything I have ever dreamt of and more”

- Jon W.

“As CEO of a successful company, I thought I was a man of confidence- until I was in front of a beautiful, smart woman. Even though that’s the type of woman I wanted and needed, I didn’t know how to connect or keep their interest in me for more than two dates. So I would just go with the flow with a woman I KNEW was not good for me. After a month of working with Alex, I was approaching any woman in the room I wanted and am now heading out on my third date with a woman who is interested in continuing to get to know me, not just what I have.”

-Robert L.

“Alex helped me not settle for safe and truly go after my desires. It was great receiving help from exactly whom I’m looking for-A Woman! It’s like getting the secret code to women”

– Jamerson J.

  • She love's helping successful men
  • stop wasting their valuable time and hard-earned money
  • on women who are only interested in what that man can do for them.

To help you stop this immediately, Alex created The Guide to Spotting a Gold Digger Before You Spend a Penny!!

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Alex has been the featured guest of multiple relationship panels, such as The National Great Love Debate, and has guided some of the most prominent figures through their journey of living their desires!


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